University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — B.FA. in Industrial Design & B.S. in Engineering Mechanics; Expected Graduation 2021


Siebel Center for Design / User Interface Designer

Champaign, IL | November 2018-Present

As the first interface designer brought onto the Smart Campus initiative, I have been playing with pixels alongside artists and developers to create a simplified tool that guides students through their complete college experience. This role has given me insight into wireframe analysis and design guideline development, as well as the ability to streamline work and juggle deadlines by tackling projects proactively. I have more recently acted as the bridge between the STEM and arts teams within the project, explaining the functions, capabilities, and timelines of each discipline to the other. I’ve found that spreading inclusivity helps minimize misunderstanding and increase efficiency.

College of Fine and Applied Arts / Lab And Studio Assistant

Champaign, IL | January 2018-Present

By collaborating with students and faculty on rapid prototyping, packaging/branding design, and using software tools, I have learned how to minimize customer frustration while designing for efficiency. My role in this setting has pulled back the curtain on the human aspect of our digital tools arsenal. Such a perspective helps me stimulate critical thinking when registering and applying feedback regarding the quality of tools that we seem to just accept without second thought.

QSC Audio / Engineering and Design Intern

Boulder, CO | August 2016

During my internship at QSC, I engaged in exercises that spanned multiple departments, including web design, chip manufacturing, and quality testing. I swiftly transformed wireframes into high-fidelity prototypes that were ready for customer testing, and adjusted these designs based on both instinct and feedback. I also had the privilege of working in tandem with the lead of interface design to draft the primary user experience for an upcoming product. Every day brought new challenges and subject matter that I eagerly dove into to learn as much as I could, whether it was participating in essential morning stand-ups or a lunchtime conversation on bringing simplicity to packaging.


Design for America + Humana / Design Lead

Louisville, KY | 2018

As the lead designer in a team of five, I was tasked with crafting an augmented reality prototype that connects elders to primary care providers. This project required a keen ability to listen to local seniors and doctors while addressing their current and future needs. Focus was placed on intuition, comfort, and style of hardware glasses and biometric functions. The final model substantially decreases the projected time & money spent by both patients and providers on their health care services.

Illinois MakerLab / Special Projects Developer

Champaign, IL | 2017-2018

Volunteering at the Illinois MakerLab provided me with the resources to experiment with new methods & materials that can be applied rapid prototyping processes. In this role, I researched the feasibility and implementation of using environmentally-friendly wood filaments in 3D printers, and then worked to document the printing attempts by fashioning an independent time-lapse camera together using existing mechanical components and writing code on a Raspberry Pi.

Maime Doud Eisenhower Public Library Tech Café / Helping Hand

Broomfield, CO | 2016-2017

As one of the founding members of the Tech Café program, I had the privilege of giving back to the library at which I spent much of my childhood while putting my aptitude in technology to good use for my community. Each week, I helped residents all around the Broomfield community troubleshoot any hardware and software problems by walking them through the entire process so they can learn from this experience and gain a greater sense of confidence when dealing with any future situations. Perhaps more selfishly, I had the chance to see and work on some pretty awesome pieces of technology that were released far before I was even born.

Project Glass Smart Mirror / Inventor

Broomfield, CO | 2016-2017

Project Glass was developed for a year-long Senior Capstone during my final year of high school, and was my first experience combining both hardware and software design to create a cohesive final product. During initial phases of development, I delved deep into physical literature and online journal articles to learn more about the public perception of artificial intelligence and our current progress on such a front. More importantly, I paid special attention to human behavior and daily habits, attempting to find a workflow that could be best improved through contextual, proactive information. Bringing the product to life required me to focus on 3D modeling techniques for planning prior to building, research properties of acrylic and glass to make a display invisible behind glass, and step out of my comfort zone by combining HTML and CSS development to incorporate functional software.

PowerDock / Project Lead and Designer

Broomfield, CO | January 2015-May 2015

Inspired by the magnificent mountains surrounding our town and the bountiful sun that shines nearly year-round, I led a research and development team that ultimately created a solar-powered iPhone charging dock. With real social change as our guiding star, we believed that this solution would help untether members of our community from the outlets in their homes without worrying about losing touch with loved ones due to a dead phone. As part of this team, I devised initial form explorations through simple sketches; once a general form factor was decided upon, I created CAD models that were guided by the size of available solar panels and electronic components to make a functional circuit. Our final deliverables included a research paper and keynote presentation to the school discussing the development process and data analysis.

Skills & Awards

Design: Hardware/products and interfaces∙ Graphics and  presentation ∙ Human-centered and detail driven

Prototyping: Keynote & iWorks Suite∙ Adobe Suite ∙ HTML and JavaScript ∙ Mock-ups in Sketch and Figma ∙ Motion design with Framer

Modeling: SketchUp ∙ Fusion360 ∙ SolidWorks ∙ Keyshot ∙ 3D printing and foam rapid prototyping

Research: Data collection and analysis (LoggerPro) ∙ Exploration of user personas and lifestyles

Collaboration: Confident team leader ∙ Self-starter and motivator ∙ Charismatic public speaker ∙ Positive and practical

Awards: Industrial Design Talented Student Scholarship Recipient ∙ Featured article on front page of Medium Design ∙ Foundations Juried Award Nominee, Best Short Film

Miscellaneous Musings

I start the day, every day, at 5 AM. An early start gives me a clear head when following up on work, limits distractions, and leads to an unobstructed view of every sunrise.

Piano player since the ripe age of five. I first started with formal lessons, but really found comfort in figuring out how to play my favorite soundtracks by ear.

Yes, I will gladly join you in a beard-growing competition every November.

Firm believer and contributor to (RED)’s mission of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.