University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design, Expected Graduation 2021


Siebel Center for Design / User Interface Designer

Champaign, IL | November 2018-Present

Bringing form and function to an all-new smart-campus initiative that will make the college student experience more collaborative, safe, and comfortable. Design process includes listening to insights from a diverse group and then developing an experience that will both address and transcend their needs.

College of Fine and Applied Arts / Lab And Studio Assistant

Champaign, IL | January 2018-Present

Collaborating with students and faculty to bring dozens of CAD models and digital files to life every day, and walk new students through the tools and practices of effective design.

Kumon Learning Center / Assistant Manager

Westminster, CO | 2016-2017

Center coordinator tasked with organizing all material and lesson plans, and making sure each student is prepared and receiving the best content possible. Worked with parents to address any of their concerns and questions, and create a lesson plan that keeps students involved, challenged, and satisfied.

QSC Audio / Engineering and Design Intern

Boulder, CO | August 2016

Learned from experts in web design and microchip creation through extensive hands-on research and insightful conversations. Participated in lab testing that is done to fine-tune the audio quality, and shadowed UI/UX lead designer to understand the user-facing side of technologies developed.


Design for America + Humana / Design Lead

Champaign, IL | 2018

Collaborated closely with Humana to identify areas of improvement in health care for the senior population. Initial phases of the project involved spending time learning from members of nearby homes and programs for the elderly, and understanding the situation from their perspective before identifying a core idea to focus on. Our solution ultimately applied the augmented reality experience to the primary care process, and allowed for more convenient and intimate forms of communication to take place while providing more accurate real-time diagnoses.

Industrial Designers Society of America

Champaign, IL | 2018

Help provide assets and experiences for a community of industrial designer students on campus, and create a network between them and opportunities in the greater Chicago area. Creating a close and comfortable rapport with younger students helped increase confidence and spread knowledge between all members.

Illinois MakerLab / Special Projects Developer

Champaign, IL | 2017-2018

Experiment with new methods and materials that can be applied to the creation and documentation of 3D printing technologies. Part of this role included increasing public awareness about this potentially intimidating concept. Prototyped and tested these products within the lab for use within the MakerSpace, online, and general business facility.

Maime Doud Eisenhower Public Library Tech Café / Helping Hand

Broomfield, CO | 2016-2017

Collaborated hand-in-hand with hundreds of community members to solve any hardware/software issues they may have and taught them how to tackle similar issues in the future. The focus here was helping people take control of their technology and digital lives, and not just recommend an unnecessary replacement.

Project Glass Smart Mirror / Inventor

Broomfield, CO | 2016-2017

Designed and built a Smart Mirror that presented relevant digital data like the weather, date, and time seamlessly behind a reflective surface. Coded, 3D printed, and manipulated natural material, like wood, to accomplish the final product.

FIRST Robotics Team 5763 / Electrical Engineer and Head of Design

Denver, CO | 2015-2017

Incorporated the motors and circuitry to the "brain" of the bot and made sure power was sustainable throughout the matches. Internals components also had to be arranged precisely to fit within the physical body and design of the bot. Designed team's logo and overall brand design guidelines for competition.

PowerDock / Project Lead and Designer

Broomfield, CO | January 2015-May 2015

Lead of research and design. Brought a solar-powered iPhone charging solution to life using CAD and 3D printing, as well as electrical engineering techniques. Required extensive knowledge of SketchUp and photovoltaic technology. Also directed advertisement for this project that premiered at the PowerDock Keynote event.

Skills & Awards

Design: Hardware/products and interfaces∙ Graphics and  presentation ∙ Human-centered thinking

Prototyping: Keynote ∙ Adobe Suite ∙ HTML and JavaScript ∙ Mock-ups in Sketch and Figma ∙ Motion design with Framer

Modeling: SketchUp ∙ Fusion360 ∙ SolidWorks ∙ Keyshot ∙ 3D printing and foam rapid prototyping

Research: Data collection and analysis (LoggerPro) ∙ Exploration of user personas and lifestyles

Collaboration: Confident team leader ∙ Self-starter and great at motivating others ∙ Charismatic public speaker

Awards: Foundations Juried Award Nominee, Best Short Film

Miscellaneous Musings

I start the day, every day, at 5 AM (partially due to a hyperactive internal alarm system)

Avid participant in No-Shave-November

Piano player since the ripe age of five

Annual contributor to (RED)’s mission of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment