SnapBack | 2018

The SnapBack Initiative is an exercise done in response to the public backlash prompted by a poor, unfounded interface redesign from Snapchat. How could I add new features and update the layout without shifting from the core experience of communication? The use of Framer helped expand my skills with the touch of animation and motion into a concept. The primary goal was to make Snapchat accessible and welcoming to novice users while providing exciting new utilities to seasoned Snappers. Wider list spacing gives the interface more room to breathe without sacrificing density; the new Night Mode allows for a more enjoyable viewing experience around the clock. Swipe to Preview gives a quick peek at what a person has been sent so they can decide when to open and respond. Stories now have their own home; Best Friends’ Stories will appear first, followed by an aggregation of all Stories. Finally, catch up on the latest news using Bites, an extension of Stories sponsored by various sources.

Try out the interactive Framer demo here.